Professional pricing policy - Transparency

The boom in the translation and text services industry in the 1990’s and the eastward expansion of the EU have both contributed to pricing structures which are sometimes very unclear and confusing for clients. It is often very difficult to understand, between over-priced services and deliberately under-priced dumping, what quality is being offered, and at what price.

In this respect too, ARRIBA e.K. has decided to take a unique approach, and has maintained its position consistently. We offer outstanding services at fair and appropriate prices.

What does professionalism mean?Fotolia_1369579_M
Professionalism means that you will not find here any bald statements on our individual prices. Would you consider a decorating business professional which gave you a final price over the telephone without having checked the size of the job and the condition of your walls, and without knowing what sort of work you require? Hardly. Text work is even more specific. We have to know into which language the text is to be translated, the area of specialisation in question, and any special features to be taken into account, before we can quote you a definitive price. Because not all wallpapers cost the same. Our individual consultation service begins not only with linguistic questions, but as early as the quotation stage. The following page provides an insight into the basic principles of our Pricing.

Professionalism also means that we will not keep you on tenterhooks. We discuss the costs with you thoroughly, and you will then receive a firm quotation – by telephone, e-mail or post, whichever you require. Contact.

Our clients do not have to give ARRIBA e.K. their confidence: we prefer to earn it.