Interpreting – the transience of the spoken word

Different needs
Whether you need a certified interpreter for a legal appointment, somebody to assist with business negotiations, multi-lingual capability at a business conference, or simply want the new parents-in-law of your daughter to understand your speech at the wedding – whether in terms of simultaneous or consecutive interpreting in a business or private context – we will be happy to help
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Different places
Our interpreters can be there wherever you need them. Admittedly, we have not yet worked in a space station, although our staff are still at work all around the world.

Different requirements
In the case of interpreting in particular, a dedicated, individual approach to the requirements is essential. A personal meeting with the interpreter prior to the particular task in hand can always be arranged – for the purposes of briefing and exchange of information, or simply so that you can get to know the person who will be assisting you in this very special business or private situation.
Our personnel will of course prepare themselves thoroughly, read up on your documentation and familiarise themselves with the special requirements of the particular job, guaranteeing you a professional and successful meeting